We achieve high quality results by working together to recognize, support, and build on each other's unique strengths and contributions.  We inspire teamwork through coaching, guiding, and motivating one another.  We nurture a sense of inclusiveness for our staff and our stakeholders.  We enhance linkages in the wider APEC community by effectively supporting policy-makers and efficiently facilitating implementation.  


We are honest, accessible, and transparent in sharing information, managing processes, and communicating with internal and external stakeholders.  We are open to different points of view and new ideas, and we are prepared to successfully adapt to change.  We are open to input from a diverse range of contributors.  We address issues openly and proactively, anticipating the needs of the organization, our colleagues, and our stakeholders.


We gain trust and build productive relationships through mutual respect.  We seek to understand, listen to, and involve others, always acting with consideration and empathy.  We value our diversity as a source of strength.  We appreciate different values and perspectives, accepting each other as equals.  We recognise that respect forms the basis of our dealings with our fellow workers and our external stakeholders. We prize integrity highly as it allows us to be true to ourselves, our colleagues and our organization


We strive to enhance individual and organizational knowledge, skills, and capacity in support of APEC’s goals.  We take pride in our work and keep our commitments.  We are passionate about seeking progress and are constantly learning and improving ourselves.  We are honest, trustworthy and straightforward in all our dealings.  We use time, money, and resources entrusted to us wisely, and for the benefit of APEC.