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Sustainable growth for resilient development

Promoting energy transition, decarbonization of economic activities, and ensuring food security

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Trade and investment for inclusive and interconnected growth

Strengthening an open, free and inclusive trade, which promotes economic growth that encompasses various sectors of society, promoting interconnection, inclusion, and ensuring long-term sustainability

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Innovation and digitalization to promote transition to the formal and global economy

Enabling transition towards formality of economic actors, particularly the most vulnerable

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Empower, Include, Grow

In 2024, APEC will continue its story of inclusion, sustainability and resilience that emphasizes the social dimension of economic growth and development—one that empowers the most vulnerable, harnesses digital opportunities, and gives a new impetus to economic growth.

APEC 2024 is about consolidating a new approach to the forum's economic cooperation agenda amidst the unprecedented challenges of today. As regional economic integration continues to strengthen, APEC 2024 will position policies and initiatives through the prism of its inclusive growth strategy.

Peru will steer APEC's work toward greater economic and technical cooperation, promoting prosperity and well-being for all the people in the Asia-Pacific region. Under the overarching theme of “Empower. Include. Grow,” member economies will advance a regional agenda with the following priorities:

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