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Safe passage and a unified travel protocol

Thailand will further the work on safe passage of people across borders, starting with essential workers such as air and maritime crew. Emphasis will be given to developing an APEC travel protocol leveraging on existing relevant international standards and recommended practices. The protocol will build on existing mechanisms where those who are more ready than others can participate.

Regenerative tourism

The tourism and services sectors are among the hardest hit by cross-border restrictions. The impact is particularly significant for small businesses, especially those owned by women and members of vulnerable communities in tourism-dependent economies. Thailand will work to rebuild the tourism sector as more sustainable and inclusive than before the pandemic. A regenerative tourism approach will aim to actively conserve, revitalize and regenerate the environment while engaging and benefiting local communities and economies in the process.

Vaccination program

Cross-border restrictions are not enough to stem the pandemic and therefore eventually reconnect the region. APEC will place emphasis for the immediate term on strengthening and investing in public health security and resilience through the production, distribution and administration of COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics.

Health and life sciences

For the longer term, APEC will support the implementation of the North Star - Towards 2030 Strategy with a view to promoting pragmatic collaboration among economies within APEC's health and life sciences agenda, strengthening connections between health and the economy to prepare for future shocks.

The APEC Connectivity Blueprint

In 2022 the forum will advance the implementation of the APEC Connectivity Blueprint with a view to reaching a seamlessly and comprehensively connected and integrated Asia-Pacific.

APEC Business Travel Card

To enhance connectivity in the long term, Thailand will continue conversations on broadening the scheme of the APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) and other innovative schemes to facilitate mobility for businesspeople and professionals to travel across APEC economies.

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