APEC Economies: Breaking Down the Barriers - Full Case Studies, 2001

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APEC Economies: Breaking Down the Barriers - Full Case Studies, 2001

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December 2001

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Committee on Trade and Investment(CTI)





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This publication features case studies from APEC member economies where trade is made easier due to the removal or reduction of barriers. This document supplements the APEC Economies: Breaking Down the Barriers (2001) document.

  • Australia: Proposal for Research on Best Practice in Administrative Arrangements-SANCRT Case Study
  • Australia: Benefits of Reform of Technical Regulations in the Telecommunications Sector
  • Hong Kong, China: Regulation of Telecommunications Equipment
  • Indonesia: The Progress of a Rapid & Efficient Customs Services in the Global Free Trade Asia
  • Korea: Office of the Investment Ombudsman-A Case Study
  • Peru: The Sui Generis Design, Organization & Functioning of Indecopi
  • Philippines: The Super Green Lane
  • Singapore: Singapore's TradeNet System
  • Chinese Taipei: The Reform of Chinese Taipei's Government Procurement Regime
  • Thailand: EDI : An One-Stop Service for Customs Clearance
  • USA: U.S. Government Provision of Trade-Related Data on the Internet