The APEC goal of reducing or eliminating the requirement for mandated paper-based documents in cross-border trade has the potential to revolutionise the conduct of trade within the Asia-Pacific region. Realising this goal has been integral to the work of the Electronic Commerce Steering Group (ECSG).

The Paperless Trading Individual Action Plan (IAP) will improve the transparency of the paperless trading systems in economies as members make periodic updates to chart their progress on efforts to promote and realise paperless trading in their home economies. This will also keep all members informed of the relevant stages each economy has reached.

Economy IAP (Word) Last Updated
Australia Yes 2002
Canada Yes 2007
Chile Yes 2002
China Yes 2002
Hong Kong, China Yes 2007
Indonesia Yes 2002
Japan Yes 2002
Korea Yes 2007
Malaysia Yes 2013
Mexico Yes 2012
Peru Yes 2008
Philippines Yes 2009
Singapore Yes 2005
Chinese Taipei Yes 2011
Thailand Yes 2011
United States Yes 2007
Viet Nam Yes 2007