Among various issues related to women´s empowerment, gender gap in companies’ leading positions, corporate boards and senior management level has been one of the most important challenges for all APEC economies. Following the 50 leading companies for women in APEC 2014, the Good Practices on Gender Diversity in Corporate Leadership for Growth project focus on the impact of gender diversity on boards and in senior management level and picks up and compile companies’ best practices to achieve corporate growth by promoting women’s leadership. 

The “Individual Action Plan (IAP) for the Enhancement of the Ratio of Women’s Representation in Leadership” project was launched to promote women's participation in the economy in all levels, particularly in leadership, decision-making and management. The IAPs will serve as mechanisms for measurable and aspirational voluntary goals which economies could work toward by the end of 2020, with a view to assessing progress of ratio of women's representation in leadership. In order to further promote women´s representation in leadership and accelerate the voluntary goals and the momentum of the initiative of each economy, the project will explore and stock take of good practices of the policies as well as actions taken for promoting women´s representation in leadership both in public and private sectors through the mid-term review study and Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) in 2017 which will be held in Viet Nam.