The OFWG and its predecessor working groups (Marine Resource Conservation and Fisheries) have seen the following Declarations issued at the Ministerial-level:

-       Seoul Oceans Declaration of 2002

-       Bali Plan of Action of 2005

-       Paracas Declaration and Action Agenda of 2010

-       Xiamen Declaration of 2014

-       APEC Ocean Cooperation in the Asia Pacific Region of 2014


Completed Projects

  • Preparedness, Response and Assessment of Oil Spill (PRAOS) in the APEC Region, Phase I. This project shared experience in marine oil pollution incidents and conducted on-site education for stakeholders. The end goal of the series of PRAOS projects is a regional collaborative mechanism and common measures against such incidents.
  • Advanced Training on Marine Spatial Planning for the Pacific Rim. This project helped enhance capacity for the development, monitoring and implementation of marine spatial planning in the Asia Pacific region. It addressed conflicts between human use, management objectives, impacts from climate change, needs for sustainable fisheries and impacts from outside the management area.
  • Marine Ecosystem Assessment & Management in the Asia-Pacific Region Phase IV. Phase IV of this project assisted economies in the APEC region with sustainable development activities to recover degraded goods and services of Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs). There is a widespread need to reduce overfishing, nutrient over-enrichment, ocean acidification, biodiversity losses, habitat degradation, and climate change impacts.
  • Potential Contribution of Small Pelagic Fish to Food Security within the Asia Pacific Region. This project helped to improve food security in Indonesia and the Philippines by exploring ways to increase the financial value of small pelagic fisheries while addressing the sustainability of those fisheries and tackling food security problems.
  • Marine Ecosystem Assessment and Management in the Asia-Pacific Region Phase III – Pilot APEC LME Projects. Phase III of this project built capacity through the exchange of experiences and best practices for introducing ecosystem-based assessment and management actions in the Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs) of the APEC Region.


APEC Workshop on the Climate Change Impact on Oceans and Fisheries Resources

Marine Ecosystem Assessment and Management in the Asia-Pacific Region Phase III –Pilot APEC Large Marine Ecosystems

APEC Marine Sustainable Development Report

Report for Workshop on Satellite Data Application for Sustainable Fishery Support in APEC 

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