Together with the APEC Agricultural Technical Cooperation Working Group, APEC is strengthening public-private partnerships to reduce food losses in the supply chain (an initiative led by Chinese Taipei). According to the United Nations, roughly one-third of the edible parts of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally, which is about 1.3 billion tons per year. 

Over a five year period, this project aims to address post-harvest losses at all stages of the entire food supply chain in the APEC region by strengthening public-private partnerships. As part of the first phase of the project, a workshop was held in 2013 in Chinese Taipei that identified key issues and challenges in post-harvest food losses, formulated a preliminary methodology on food crops, and deliberated on strategies and action plans for APEC economies. Building on these outcomes, expert consultations and seminars to strengthen PPP to reduce food losses in the supply chain were held to tackle various topics—examples of these seminars are Fruit and Vegetable in 2014, Fishery and Livestock in 2015, and Food Loss and Waste at consumer level in 2016.

Based on outcomes from these workshops, the project will continue to revise the drafted methodology of the APEC food losses assessment. The final phase of the project in 2017 will generate policy recommendations, action plans, a toolkit and dataset, and a consolidated methodology of APEC’s food losses assessment—culminating in a high-level policy dialogue meeting in order to achieve APEC food security goals. See news release for more information.