In 2009, the Convergences/Divergences Study of APEC FTAs was updated by expanding the scope from 30 to 42 intra-APEC FTAs/RTAs and deepening the coverage to include a new chapter on electronic commerce.

In 2010, an overview and a matrix of a new chapter analysis on cooperation were completed by Thailand. The analysis of the cooperation chapter showed that a broad convergence among the cooperation chapters of the analyzed FTAs is highly feasible. Most of the objectives, forms/activities, mechanism/work programme of cooperation are common in content.

The 14 chapters covered previously were: market access, rules of origin, customs procedures, environment, investment, trade remedies, competition policy, cross-border services, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, technical barriers to trade, government procurement, intellectual property, labor and dispute settlement. The updated information has been uploaded to the APEC FTA database of the Convergence and Divergence Study at