The SCCP is working with the Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI) on a new action plan, the Supply-Chain (SC) Connectivity Framework . Under the framework, eight chokepoints have been identified as impediments to trade in the APEC region; four of these are issues of concern to the SCCP:

  1. Chokepoint 1: Lack of transparency/awareness of the full scope of regulatory issues affecting logistics; lack of awareness and coordination among government agencies on policies affecting logistics sector; absence of single contact point or champion agency on logistics matters
  2. Chokepoint 4: Inefficient clearance of goods at customs; lack of coordination among border agencies, especially relating to clearance of regulated goods at border
  3. Chokepoint 5: Burdensome customs documentation and other procedures, including for preferential trade
  4. Chokepoint 8: Lack of regional cross-border customs-transit arrangements   

The SCCP has agreed to work collaboratively with the CTI by undertaking a series of actions under the SCI Action Plans which have been developed to alleviate the negative impacts of these chokepoints on supply chains.  The SCCP actions include work in the areas of Single Window development, Advance Rulings, Immediate Release of Consignments by Customs, Time Release Surveys, and implementation of the revised Kyoto convention.