In September 2009 the SCCP established an AEO Working Group to address the development of AEO programmes and tackle the divergent array of existing AEO programmes.  The objective of the AEO Working Group is two-fold: 1. Work towards the establishment of AEO programs, of equal caliber, within each of the APEC economies, and 2. Encourage mutual recognition arrangements of AEO programs amongst interested economies within the Asia-Pacific region.

Under phase one of its Action Plan, in September 2010 the AEO Working Group produced an “ Authorized Economic Operator Program Compendium ” to assist in developing an AEO program by each APEC economy .  Phase two activities of the Working Group will focus on Development of an AEO Best practices guideline with elements of AEO programs divided elements that are suitable for harmonization amongst economies and those that are not suitable for harmonization.  The final stage of activities under the AEO Action Plan will be capacity building.