In 2007 the SCCP adopted the Working towards the Implementation of Single Window within APEC Economies: Single Window Development Report and the APEC SCCP Single Window Strategic Plan . The Development Report delivered a comprehensive snapshot of the border regulatory environment and single window related activities in the APEC region. The Strategic Plan provided a framework for the development of single window systems in the APEC region.

After three years of work on this initiative (2007-2009), the SCCP endorsed the Single Window Implementation Guide in August 2009. This guide was delivered by the Single Window Working Group with the assistance of public and private sector stakeholders. Its purpose is to assist economies in the design, building and implementation of a single window system. It provides a comprehensive list of single window related components and elements, with supporting information. It also provides links to available standards which promote a common understanding of what an international trade single window is and what it can deliver. Economies using the guide will reduce the time and labour cost usually spent on research during the design and implementation phases.

In 2010 the SCCP conducted a review of the extent of implementation of single window initiatives in each member economy.  This review has revealed that 13 of 21 APEC economies have developed single window systems and 5 economies have single windows systems currently under development; each economy has actively used international standards such as the UN/EDIFACT and WCO Data Model in developing its single window system which will aid in the seamless data sharing between single window systems.