GOS has made significant progress in activities that facilitate the development of open and efficient services markets in the APEC region.

The SAP Matrix of Actions under the APEC Services Action Plan (SAP) was developed. This aims to provide common direction and coherence to APEC's work on services trade. It also serves to establish a forward work programme that fosters the development of open and efficient services markets in the Asia-Pacific. The Matrix of Actions helps identify priorities and capacity building needs in relation to individual and collective efforts. This will in turn boost services trade and development.

The APEC Strategy on Movement of Business People was developed and endorsed by the GOS and Business Mobility Group (BMG). It includes principles relating to, and actions that could contribute to, the facilitation of entry and temporary stay, and the movement of business people.

The APEC Legal Services Initiative website was developed in 2010. The website includes a compilation and comparison of information on regulatory regimes for foreign lawyers in APEC member economies and contacts for regulating and peak bodies in APEC member economies.

The APEC Accounting Services Initiative was developed in 2011 and became fully operational in 2012. This initiative makes the licensing and qualification requirements for delivering accounting services in APEC economies more transparent. An inventory of such requirements has been developed and published on the website. In addition, a set of guidelines on the regulation of foreign accounting professionals has been prepared.