This project comprises a workshop and technical webinars. Both of these activities have now been undertaken as follows:

  • APEC Training Workshop on the Risk Assessment of Metals and Metal Compounds: The Workshop was held on 28-29 August 2015, in the margins of the SOM III meetings in Cebu, the Philippines, with 57 trainees from 15 APEC economies and three non-APEC economies. It identified several key differences in the assessment of metals and metal compounds compared with the traditional risk assessment for organic chemicals.  These were:
    • The different physicochemical properties of metals and metal compounds intimately affect their toxicity and bioavailability to organism – hence these properties must be well characterised by the assessor;
    • The specific physicochemical properties of environmental media in turn impact on the physicochemical properties of metals and metal compounds – hence, the local chemistry of environmental media needs to be profiled when determining the toxicity and bioavailability of metals and metal compounds; and
    • As many metals are essential for life, the different sensitivities of local environmental organisms need to be profiled in order to accurately determine the toxicity of metals and metal compounds under local conditions.

The Summary Report of the Workshop is available from the Downloads Section of this page, and the workshop documents are available in the APEC Meetings Document Database.

  • APEC Technical Webinars on specific aspects of the Risk Assessment of Metals and Metal Compounds: Throughout March and April 2016, a series of webinars was held to add more practical guidance to certain aspects of metals risk assessment science that were covered in the August 2015 training workshop. The webinar series consisted of three one-hour technical sessions that recapped the basic science before demonstrating practical tools to apply this science in relevant scenarios.  Resources for each webinar are two downloads (a one-page overview of the aims of each webinar and the presentation slides for that webinar) and a link below to a recording of each webinar.

APEC Webinar 1: ‘Bioavailability tools for soil assessment’ by Prof Mike McLaughlin


APEC Webinar 2: ‘Accounting for bioavailability in the aquatic risk assessment of metals’ by Dr Graham Merrington


APEC Webinar 3: ‘Bioavailability tools for Human Health Risk Assessment of Metals in Soils’ by Dr Yvette Lowney