Border Capability Model: In 2012, the group adopted the "Border Capability Model" - a document that lays out key aspects of every step of traveller movement through air. The model identified “ideal” modern border security capabilities and improved border management systems across the region with respect to the movement of people. The document will serve as a map for authorities in member economies to identify areas for improving movement of citizens, especially for business travellers.

Travel Document Examination: The group also developed best practice travel document examination regimes across the region to assist with the detection of fraudulent documentation, including through the Regional Movement Alert System (RMAS) initiative.

Streamline Processing Procedures: BMG also examined ways to streamline processing procedures for business travellers, and individual economies' actions to facilitate business travel, for example, by expanding visa-waiver programmes or extending the validity of multiple-entry visas.

Trusted Traveller Characteristics: BMG accepted the Trusted Traveller Characteristics document that was coordinated intersessionally with the Sub-Committee on Standards and Procedures and the Counter-Terrorism Working Group. The Trusted Traveller systems would allow pre-screened, low-risk passengers to pass through customs more quickly, allowing border control to focus on higher-risk and unknown travellers.