The Asia-Pacific Region Automotive Industry Sustainable Development Declaration submitted by China was endorsed at the 20th AD meeting during 23-25 April 2014 in Beijing.

The AD committed to the following goals:

  • Further improve the best practices sharing mechanism among APEC members for the auto sector.
  • Enhance the exchange of information related to the harmonization of policies, regulations and technical standards related to the automotive sector.
  • Promote employment and social stability in the region by continuing to encourage investment in the automobile and automotive parts sectors.
  • Improve the auto industry’s technology cooperation, by continuing to foster and improve the auto industry’s innovation ability and competitiveness; further reduce the auto industry’s impact on the environment, promote vehicle safety performance, promote R&D in innovative vehicle technologies, future alternative energy sources and transportation infrastructure.
  • Promote innovation in the area of finance related to automobile industry and work collectively to enhance the financial sector’s support for the auto industry.
Jointly promote the efficient utilization of resources and improve the recovery and recycling ratios of end-of-life vehicles.