Assessment of the Achievements of the Bogor Goals in 2016

Second-Term Review of APEC’s Progress towards the Bogor Goals

This assessment includes three components: 1) an analysis of the collective progress attained by the APEC region; 2) brief progress reports per economy with qualitative information drawn from APEC member economies’ Individual Action Plans, official sources and international organizations; and 3) dashboards with quantitative indicators drawn from well-known and respected external sources.

In general, the review shows that APEC’s trade and investment performance expanded greatly since 1990s, but trade slowed down since the Global Financial Crisis. Also, APEC has experienced good progress in economic growth and social outcomes, even though employment levels have not recovered since the Global Financial Crisis.

Tariffs have fallen significantly, but non-tariff measures have increased. Similarly, progress has been uneven across sectors, as agriculture is experiencing higher barriers. Services and investment restrictions have been falling, even though the levels of restrictiveness varies among economies and sectors. Areas related to trade and investment facilitation have shown improvements, such as customs procedures, competition policy and mobility of business persons, among others.

The review is available in the following links:

Second-Term Review of APEC's Progress towards the Bogor Goals: APEC Region

Second-Term Review of APEC's Progress towards the Bogor Goals - Progress by Economy

APEC's Bogor Goals Dashboard:

Member Economy Progress Report IAP
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