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APEC recovery gaining traction
Singapore, Singapore, 3 Apr 2014

Economic recovery is gaining traction in the Asia-Pacific but higher production efficiency, supported by more innovation-friendly conditions for businesses, is needed to help put economies on an improved growth path and bridge gaps in employment and living standards.

APEC targets increased infrastructure investment
Ningbo, China, 28 Feb 2014

APEC member economies are intensifying joint efforts to address impediments to cross-border investment in the region to meet rising infrastructure demand and ensure the flow of goods and people that drive growth.

APEC: Innovation, reform and economic growth are mutually reinforcing
Ningbo, China, 27 Feb 2014

APEC Senior Officials acknowledged on Thursday that the global economy is showing some signs of recovery but at the same time, they recognized that risks and uncertainties still exist and the revival of global economy and healthy economic growth still face challenges.

Risks to economic recovery still remain: analysts
Ningbo, China, 25 Feb 2014

An unstable economic recovery in the Asia-Pacific region requires APEC member economies to implement structural reforms despite the strengthening of industrial production, higher growth forecasts and the commitment by G20 members to ensure that monetary policy settings will be carefully calibrated, advised analysts.

Open services trade key to robust supply chains
Ningbo, China, 25 Feb 2014

The role of services in global manufacturing supply chains is increasing and prompting Asia-Pacific economies to take further steps to facilitate trade in the sector.

APEC to boost global agreement on trade facilitation
Ningbo, China, 24 Feb 2014

APEC member economies, which were instrumental in concluding a breakthrough global agreement on the simplification of customs procedures, are intent on ensuring that its implementation is successful and the benefits to cross-border trade materialize.

APEC China 2014 commences in Ningbo
Ningbo, China, 22 Feb 2014

The curtain has risen on APEC China 2014 in the eastern port city of Ningbo where member economies are gathered to strengthen regional integration and trade flows needed to capture greater consumption-based growth.

Prime Minister Key: market access, regional trade critical to growth
Wellington, New Zealand, 19 Feb 2014

Growing consumer demand in the Asia-Pacific is lifting New Zealand’s export-oriented economy but greater market access and reductions in behind-the-border barriers are needed to fully capitalize on the region’s growth opportunities, according to Prime Minister John Key.

APEC to recognize 'intelligent transportation' innovator
Singapore, 13 Feb 2014

APEC has opened the nomination period for the APEC Science Prize for Innovation, Research, and Education, also known as the ASPIRE Prize, which in 2014 will honor a young scientist whose work has made an outstanding contribution to ‘intelligent transportation.’

APEC building on 25 years of progress
Singapore, 11 Feb 2014

“We are now seeing a shift toward domestic demand-driven growth and an increase in services trade as opposed to predominantly trade-driven growth that focused on manufactured and processed goods that occurred in region over the last three decades,” explained Dr Alan Bollard when he delivered a keynote speech in Hong Kong, China on Monday.

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