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APEC Ministers outline new partnership framework on oceans
Xiamen, China, 29 Aug 2014

The Xiamen Declaration issued by Ministers details measures to establish more integrated, sustainable ocean partnership in the Asia-Pacific region.

APEC Ministers gather to develop new partnership on ocean cooperation
Xiamen, China, 28 Aug 2014

APEC Ministers and officials gather today to develop a new type of partnership on ocean cooperation in the Asia-Pacific.

Health Ministers formulate vision for healthy Asia-Pacific 2020
Beijing, China, 21 Aug 2014

A new set of health management responses aim to control related threats to people, trade and economic security across the region.

APEC opening environmental goods market
Beijing, China, 21 Aug 2014

The region is boosting free trade in “environmental goods” while laying a foundation for the opening of this growing sector globally.

APEC Senior Officials finalizing platform for new growth
Beijing, China, 21 Aug 2014

Ambitious measures are in the works to strengthen economic integration, promote innovative reform and development, and enhance connectivity and infrastructure.

Asia-Pacific urbanization partnership to promote sustainable cities
Beijing, China, 19 Aug 2014

APEC economies are pursuing a coordinated approach towards strategic urban planning to create more sustainable cities.

Reducing regulatory divergence stimulates open and dynamic trade
Beijing, China, 19 Aug 2014

APEC economies are harmonizing regulatory regimes to enhance trade-driven growth and mitigate risks to the global economy.

APEC moving forward on trade facilitation as global pact stalls
Beijing, China, 18 Aug 2014

Member economies are eliminating costly delays to the cross-border flow of goods, undeterred by the unexpected challenge to implementation of the Agreement on Trade Facilitation now facing members of the World Trade Organization.

Net tightened on Asia-Pacific corruption with network launch
Beijing, China, 17 Aug 2014

A new channel for the exchange of sensitive case information will significantly enhance APEC economies' ability to combat large scale corruption and bribery.

Disaster-prone APEC economies step up risk-reduction
Beijing, China, 14 Aug 2014

Officials have detailed new far-reaching measures to strengthen relief and risk reduction capabilities across the region which is hit by USD68 billion in related costs annually.

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