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2015 APEC Video Contest
31 Aug 2015
A new APEC Mining Sub-Fund will promote open markets for trade and investment and sustainable development within the sector.
Fund to Deepen Public-Private Collaboration in Mining Trade, Investment
Cebu, Philippines, 31 Aug 2015
A new APEC fund has been launched to promote open markets for trade and investment and sustainable development in mining.
APEC Cracks Down on Illegal Wildlife Trafficking
Cebu, Philippines, 28 Aug 2015
Breaking global developments have helped to serve as a rallying point for greater policy action.
Anti-Corruption Case Sharing Accelerates Under APEC Network
Cebu, Philippines, 26 Aug 2015
Focal points of the APEC Network of Anti-Corruption Authorities and Law Enforcement Agencies met to exchange case information and deepen cooperation.
APEC Photo Contest 2015 Opens
25 Aug 2015
Enthusiasts may now submit images reflecting the impact of inclusive, sustainable trade, development and economic growth on the lives of people in the Asia-Pacific.
APEC Officials in Cebu to Ensure Shared Asia-Pacific Prosperity
Cebu, Philippines, 24 Aug 2015
Focus is on advancing new measures for improving trade and growth across the region's economies and ensuring that the benefits are widely felt.
Health Industry Ethics, SMEs Boosted with Code Increase
Manila, Philippines, 21 Aug 2015
Health industry groups are on track to double the number of ethics codes among them in APEC economies, clamping down on unethical practices within the sector.
Media Registration Open for 2015 APEC Economic Leaders’ Week
Manila, Philippines, 17 Aug 2015
Leaders’ Week will bring together the Leaders, Ministers and Senior Officials of the 21 APEC members to build more inclusive Asia-Pacific economies.
Climate Prediction Expert Wins 2015 ASPIRE Prize
Manila, Philippines, 17 Aug 2015
Dr Jong-Seong Kug of Korea has been awarded the 2015 APEC Science Prize for Innovation, Research, and Education.
ABAC to Propose Initiatives to Promote Inclusive Growth
Melbourne, Australia, 13 Aug 2015
Urgent action to facilitate inclusive growth to drive prosperity was the theme of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) meeting held in Melbourne this week.
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